Wasabi Project: Project Early Bird

I never get to work on time.

I have to wake up earlier.

I tell myself, ‘I can,’ then when the alarm rings, I tell myself “I can’t.”

I have to wake up earlier

I read motivational literature and tell myself “I can wake up early” then I read studies on night owls and tell myself, “Maybe I can’t wake up early.”

I have to wake up earlier.

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Waking up early has been an Achilles heel for me ever since I can remember. Throughout school, and into my career, I’ve been held back in life because I have had such a hard time waking up early enough to get to school/work. To some, waking up at 8:00 am, or even 7:00 am isn’t a problem, but for a night owl like me, waking up at 8:00 am is a battle against everything ‘me.’ When the alarm rings, my mind says ‘no,’ then I ask my body if its ready to wake up and I get the answer ‘no way!’

I’ve been asked questions such as, “If it’s so difficult to wake up, why not look for a job that fits your schedule?” In fact, I’ve worked many nights and into the early morning as a photography editor in Hollywood. Although the late work schedule satisfied my biological clock, sleeping during the day while the world is awake, makes it difficult to complete everyday responsibilities, because by the time I’m ready to go, everyone is sleeping! But more than anything, I ‘want’ to become an early riser.

I’ve tried to wake up early many times, all ending in failure. Setting multiple alarm clocks, having friends call me, sleeping in an uncomfortable position, turning on the lights, keeping the lights on while I sleep, blaring the radio with the bass turned way up. Nothing had worked to this point, but I am still determined, determined to become an early riser!

My goal is to consistently wake up at 5:00 am on weekdays within a month.

I will name this project as ‘Project Early Bird’ and chronicle my successes and failures as I work to become an early bird. Welcome, and enjoy the show.

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