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The Formula of Motivation | Motivation Series Part 4

Predict Your Motivation
Predict Your Motivation

In this last installment on motivation, we’ll be looking into the formula of motivation.  As we familiarized ourselves with a theory of motivation, internal and external motivators and 8 ways we can boost our motivations in the previous posts, we will now look at 3 factors that predict individual motivation.

The motivation formula I’ll be sharing with you today is based on the work of Victor Vroom, a professor at the Yale School of Management.  Vroom explains that our motivation is based on three factors, 1) how much you want a reward, 2) your estimate of successful performance based on your efforts and 3) your estimate that performance will result in receiving the reward. Thus the formula is: Valence x Expectancy x Instrumentality = Motivation.  But rather than repeating the terms used by Vroom, I’ll use straightforward terms to help us understand the formula better. Continue reading The Formula of Motivation | Motivation Series Part 4

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