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Learn to Schedule your Day Like Benjamin Franklin

Are you aware of how you spend your time?

Hey Benny!  You call that a smile?
Hey Benny! You call that a smile?

Most everyone knows Benjamin Franklin as the man on the $100 bill. But did you know he was a philosopher, statesman, inventor, and writer among other things? Benjamin Franklin was able to accomplish more in his life than many people combined. How did he have time to accomplish so much?

The answer lies in the fact that he considered constant self-improvement as a necessity. He was a strong proponent of early rising, even writing a book titled ‘Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’ praising the virtues of early rising. But early rising alone doesn’t increase productivity if you don’t schedule your time efficiently. Although we have forgotten much of his contributions, we are fortunate enough to revisit him via the great works he has left us.

His autobiography outlines the daily schedule he followed and made sure each and every hour was used to his potential:

“The precept of Order requiring that every part of my business should have its allotted time, one page in my little book contained the following scheme of employment for the twenty-four hours of a natural day.“

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