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Tips to Improve Your Health During Lunchtime

Tips to Improve Your Health During Lunchtime

Eating healthy and adding servings of vegetables and fruits are always recommended to improve one’s health. But have you thought of using lunchtime, not only to eat healthfully, but to lose a little off that tummy? Have you been meaning to exercise, but feel too pooped to get up and exercise after work?

Eat a light lunch before you exercise.  You may also want to eat after a brisk walk.
Eat a light lunch before you exercise. Some may prefer to eat after.

Like many, you may have other commitments that keep you from getting the exercise you need. Finding time to exercise can be difficult when you have a demanding schedule everyday. Common options include waking up early to go for a morning run or exercising after work. If you’re already pooped from the stresses of the day, making time and being motivated for exercise might be tough. Fortunately there is another solution to get your body moving even when you’re on a tight schedule. Have you ever thought about getting some exercise in during lunchtime?

I want to exercise during lunch, but don’t know how

Get creative! How much time do you have during lunch? Most people have 1 hour for lunch, which will give you ample time to get your heart rate up and metabolism in high gear. Make sure you don’t eat till you’re completely full and try finishing your lunch in 20-30 minutes and go for a walk/jog afterwords. If you’re going to be jogging, ease into it. You don’t want to push your body too hard right after lunch. Depending on your physical fitness level, you may want add a few body weight squats at the end of your walk (after you’ve sufficiently warmed up your body) and also some pushups. (Some people may prefer to eat after exercising too)

Have fun while exercising!
Have fun while exercising!

I don’t want to get sweaty during work hours

It is better if you’re able to break a light sweat, but if you don’t want to bring an extra change of clothes, it’s fine. Go on a light leisurely walk around the block to get some fresh air and de-stress. You’ll be able to stretch out your muscles and keep your joints lubed up. Do a few deep breathing exercises to get an extra kick at the end of your walk.

Wouldn’t my colleagues think I’m ignoring them?

This may actually be of concern to some, especially if the corporate structure of your company has tightly knit social groups. If this is the case, ask your coworkers to join you in your walk. Use this opportunity to motivate each other toward better health and fitness.

It’s important that we do what we can to improve our health. Eating well and exercising are two great ways to lose weight, tone your muscles and improve your health. By using lunchtime as a potential exercise time slot, you can minimize your excuses and take action.

Do you exercise during lunch?

Do you have any tips and exercise routines that you can share with us?

Let us all know by commenting!

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