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Why 100 Calorie Packs Make You Fat

Are you really eating less?
Are you really eating less?

This is a guest post by Dave Darmon, the author of LifeExcursion.

I don’t know when these false healthy alternatives arrived in our always dieting society, but I do know that they are not helping one bit. Sure, the premise sounds great. “Want your favorite snack? Here, have 1/6th less of it!” That does sound amazing. That is until you kill the whole box.

I used to work in an office place. You know, the kind of place where everyone has their own cubicles, works 9-5, sits around all day, does enough work to not get fired, gossips at the water-cooler and everywhere else, and eats all that unhealthy food provided by everyone for birthday’s, celebrations, Friday’s and so on. Luckily, while I was there, I stayed quite focused and the lifestyle structure really helped me focus on my training despite my dislike for the whole answering to ‘The Man’ deal. I built these great friendships that I have to this day. Unfortunately, these great friends opened themselves, and for a short while me, to the world of 100 calorie packs. Continue reading Why 100 Calorie Packs Make You Fat

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