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Don’t Become a Snack Monster

Don't Become a Snack Monster
Don't Become a Snack Monster
This is a guest post by Stacey Yan, a good friend of mine.  Stacey has just completed her MSW degree and is currently enjoying her off time hiking around the various trails of Southern California.

Did you know that snacking while paying attention to something else, such as watching TV can cause you to eat much more than if you were paying attention solely to eating? Changing your snacking habits and what you snack on can help you improve your health, whether your goals are to lose weight or improve how you feel, here are some simple tips for healthy snacking.

Healthy Alternatives to Common Snacks

Seeking out healthier choices when eating out with friends at happy hour? Just because you’re at a bar doesn’t mean there aren’t smart alternatives to your favorite foods and drinks. You can cut calories just by your choice of cocktail. For example, a vodka soda is only 97 calories vs. a vodka tonic which has 159 calories. As for bar bites, be aware that food that has breading, is deep fried, or drenched in sauce is usually packed with empty calories. Opt for food that is baked, grilled, or steamed. Continue reading Don’t Become a Snack Monster

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