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Do you work on projects with others that require file sharing? Do you want to share files with all of your friends? Do you have multiple computers you work on? Tired of lugging around your USB drive from computer to computer to move files? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, DropBox may be a great solution that will make your life a lot more simplified and productive.

– Simple easy to use interface
– File sharing across multiple computers and users (File sharing with your friends!)
– Use it to backup files
– Able to access all your files through the DropBox website when you’re away from your computers
– Unobtrusive background file syncing
– Free 2GB of storage

– Not able to share folders outside the DropBox folder

What Does It Do?

DropBox is a folder that sits on your computer (I placed mine on my desktop for easy access) that syncs with the DropBox servers. This means that you can install the DropBox folder onto many different computers running different operating systems. I am currently sharing files between computers running OS X Tiger, OS X Leopard, OS X Snow Leopard and Vista.

It’s Simple

Although many programs experience feature bloat as they mature, DropBox keeps everything simple by keeping one folder wherever you want.

  1. Install DropBox on any computer you want to sync with. (You can also share files with friends by having them install DropBox with the account you create.)
  2. Place all the files you want to share into the DropBox folder and let the automatic sync do its job. Once the files are automatically synced, a little check mark appears on all synced files.
  3. Now you’re able to access your files through their (the Dropbox) website, or any other computer you’ve installed the DropBox folder on.
Syncing with multiple sources are made easy with DropBox
Syncing with multiple sources are made easy with DropBox

How I Use It

Between work, home and side projects, I alternate between multiple computers that required a lot of USB flash drive swaps in the past.  By using DropBox, the need for USB flash drives have decreased dramatically and I now only use the USB drive for sensitive work related documents.  (FYI: DropBox transmits all their data through a secure channel (SSL) and the files on their servers are encrypted for security)

I also have side projects that require sharing documents and images between my business partner and I and this is where DropBox shines. Rather than email clogging attachments, all that’s required is to place the needed document/image into the DropBox folder and after it’s done syncing, my business partner has full access to the required files. Fast and simple.

Try It Out

If you’re in need of a file sharing/syncing solution, DropBox offers a basic version that allows 2GB of storage for free. Take it for a test drive and see how you like it, they also offer an iPhone DropBox app for people who need access to files on the go.

Extra 250MB of Storage Space!

If you decide to try out DropBox, click on this link to join. It’s a referral link that will give you and I both an extra 250 MB of storage space on top of the free 2 GB, sweet! (Make sure you complete 5 of the 6 ‘Getting Started’ sections)

You should enter your email address and subscribe now:

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9 thoughts on “Simplify File Sharing with DropBox”

  1. Dropbox is definitely a great service. My challenge is that I want to be able to share my files between the computers in my office ( I run a small photo studio) even when I am not connected to the Internet. In this scenario, Dropbox does not quite solve my problem. A friend recently introduced me to an app called Syncables ( Though the app is not free ($30…yikes!!), it allowed me to easily share my files between my 5 computers on my office network. The added beauty of the app is that it works on both my PC and Macs. This 2-combo solution (DropBox and Syncables) works perfectly for me…

    1. @Annie: Welcome to Wasabi Burger. I haven’t heard of Syncables, but I’ll have to check it out. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I just recently started using DropBox and it’s a pretty useful service! I used to rely on USB drives, but this is a much simpler way to share files – and I don’t have to worry that I can’t access my files.

  3. I recently partnered with a business for client work who introduced me to Dropbox. We needed to transfer a large amount of photos and email was problematic and I couldn’t conveniently drop by the office with a thumb drive. Dropbox worked great in this instance and was simple to use as you had mentioned.

    1. @John: Dropbox is really picking up as a lot of people are seeing how easy it is to use. Not to mention great for multiple partner projects.

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