Minimalism, 7 Steps to a Simpler Life

Got Minimalist?
Got Minimalist?

Up until recently, I’ve never gave much thought to minimalism and how it could benefit my life.  Although growing up I was raised in a ‘mottainai‘ culture, I never connected its ideals with minimalism.  Stumbling across blogs such as mnmlist, aspects of minimalistic living resonated well with me and I began to implement the simple pieces of minimalism to my work and living space to great success.

I will be sharing the productivity boost I gained from applying minimalist principles to my workspace in a future post, but today I’d like to share a free eBook by Dave Damron the author of The Minimalist Path and LifeExcursion.

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Check it out as he discusses 7 ways you can apply minimalism into your life:

• Limit Excess – Do all that you can to limit the stuff in your life that takes up unnecessary time and/or space.
• Limit Clutter – Manage the few items you have by keeping them orderly.
• Minimalist Thinking – With whatever aspect of your life, ask yourself what action a minimalist would take. (excerpt)

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10 thoughts on “Minimalism, 7 Steps to a Simpler Life”

  1. Thanks for posting this Ken. I thoroughly appreciate it and hope that other readers enjoy and go check it out.

    The Minimalist Path

  2. Since I’ve taken on a new corporate position, I look forward to seeing your future post about minimalizing your workspace! I’ve seen so many people get bogged down with details in a work environment, that I am interested in your thoughts on this. 🙂

  3. @Nazim: I’ve just been introduced to minimalism, so everything is still new, but I’ve been loving the ideas. I started with minimizing my workspace as a first step.

  4. Ken,

    Great post about achieving a simpler life!

    I would add one thing to you already incredible post: limit information (TV, mail, email, newsletter subscription, RSS feeds, etc…).

    All this creates quite a bit of noise in our life and in our head.


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