How to Increase your Personal Productivity by Sleeping

Is it really possible to increase my productivity by sleeping?

A good night's rest and short naps during the day can increase your performance and productivity
A good night's rest and short naps during the day can increase your performance and productivity

It sure sounds good to me, sign me up!

We know that sleep gives us the rest we need to help us restore ourselves physically, emotionally and cognitively. But did you know that depriving yourself from sleep, you can harm yourself far more than just being tired? An article by Shari Roan of the LA Times explains that a lack of sleep can contribute to many health problems, ranging from learning and mood problems on the lighter end of sleep deprivation to onset of Alzheimer’s and Bipolar disorder on the more damaging end of sleep deprivation.

Today, we are able to use computers and artificial lighting anytime of the day, which create an environment that interferes with our bodies’ normal circadian cycles. Melatonin, a hormone that aids in our sleep, lowers our body temperature and prepares us for sleep. But melatonin release is aided by darkness, and if you spend a lot of time in a brightly lit room or staring at a computer screen, the release of melatonin becomes suppressed, leading to longer wake times than your body wants. What does this all mean to us? We are much more prone to a lack of sleep.

Getting a good night’s rest

The first step to increasing your productivity is to get a good night’s rest. How do you feel at the end of the day? Do you usually feel tired, but keep yourself up watching TV or browsing the web? Instead of keeping yourself up by watching TV or browsing the web, turn it off and go to bed when you feel tired enough to sleep. Going to sleep when you feel tired will help you wake up refreshed, helping you stay focused for longer periods of time the next day.

Eating lighter meals

Do you feel tired during the middle of the day? Does the sleep monster attack after a nice hefty lunch? If so, try eating a lighter lunch and snack between breakfast and lunch, and then another light snack between lunch and dinner. I’ve noticed that throwing in a short 10 min nap during the day also helps pick me back up, boosting energy levels and productivity.

Reap the benefits

Give yourself the sleep that you need so you can increase your daily productivity. By giving your body the rest that it needs, you’ll also reap many other benefits such as improved mood, clearer thinking, better health and better memory. Take this simple tip and make big changes!

Comment and share how you get enough sleep in this busy world. Do you have any creative tips on napping during the lunch hour?

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  1. I’ve recently started experimenting with cat-naps. They really work. You can’t nap for longer than 20 minutes or you feel groggy, but I find it really stops the usual mid-afternoon productivity dip that a lot of people get.

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