Hard Work, Sacrifices and Discipline

Hard Work, Sacrifices and Discipline

I was fortunate enough to come across this inspirational video by Zack Arias today and would like to share it with everyone.

It is about a man named Derrick, who in his past had been involved with the wrong crowd, leading him to be convicted of felony. Time changes everything and he is now hitting the ‘pavement’ selling soap door to door to care for the needs of himself and his son. He goes by the motto, “Instead of robbing or stealing or selling dope, selling soap instead of dope, so we all cast some hope,” and he shows us that through hard work, sacrifices and discipline, anyone can improve and pave a better future for themselves.

Derrick’s Message:

  1. Do what you gotta do

  2. Never allow yourself to believe that you’re insignificant without acceptance, the latest clothes or the finest things

  3. Everything takes time

  4. Be patient with yourself and pace yourself

  5. Make small and large goals – By achieving your small goals, you get closer to your large goals

  6. You’ll continually grow and gain confidence and self esteem

  7. Everybody feels depressed at times

  8. Learn to pick the happy thoughts or find things that motivate us

  9. You can’t let your down or depressed self make bad decisions or give up

  10. You’re not living alone

  11. Even if you don’t see it, you’re not just helping yourself, but you’re helping others too

I sincerely hope that you get as much from the video as I did.

How did Derrick inspire you?

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13 thoughts on “Hard Work, Sacrifices and Discipline”

  1. Very motivating video and post!

    I like your 11th point. We do get blinkered into thinking about ourselves. There are so many other people who benefit when we lift ourselves up!

  2. Thank you Kaizan!
    We all live in a world with other people, like you said, we benefit much more when we lift each other up!

  3. WOW!!! I love this story. I love this man. I love his efforts. I love his attitude. I love the support he is getting. It’s what I love about mankind. I love this post. I love everything about this. I am AMAZED. This gives me hope for all of us.

    Thanks for posting this! I want to help this man out. How can I?


  4. “It’s so easy to fall into a slump, and use that slump as an excuse.”

    Now that is a profound quote. You’re right Ken. Teachers are everywhere, even in the most unlikely of places. All I hope now is that one day he will eventually succeed and he’ll look back on this and say, “Look at how far I’ve come.”

    Such is the power of a sound resilience.

  5. The idea that, even if you don’t see it, someone out there wants to be like you… really hit home for me. I can think of that person, whether I really want to admit it or not, and I wouldn’t want them seeing me and seeing what I’m doing and looking up to me. If you really take the time and think about that… that’s really powerful. Do what you have to do to be that role model.

  6. @ Dave: Thanks for your comment. This story was very inspiring to me an I’m glad that you feel the same way too! I believe the person who created the video http://www.zarias.com?p=440 had been taking donations to give to Derrick. (I’m not sure if he is still taking donations though)

    @ John: Welcome to Wasabi Burger! I hope he goes far also. He’s already inspired so many people with just one video I can only imagine the things that await him in the future.

    @ Karen: Yes, the video really is incredible! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Welcome to Wasabi Burger!

    @ Josh: You’re right, the last point really does hit hard. Although we sometimes feel alone, or that our actions don’t matter, there is always someone that is watching. Welcome to Wasabi Burger!

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