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How to Satisfy Our Need to Belong

How do you satisfy your need to belong?
How do you satisfy your need to belong?

As humans, we are social creatures who have a need to belong in close relationships. You might ask, “Why do we have the need to belong?” It may be a part of our human nature to establish close relationships with others, speculated to have evolved from the days when early humans lived in tribes in hostile environments (Baumeister and Leary, 1995). Those who formed connections with others were more likely to survive and have children, giving them an advantage and becoming an adaptive trait. Although this view is speculative, there is no doubt that having caring relationships with others is essential for a good life. If the need is not met, problems (explained below) can result. If you think about it, punishment sometimes comes in the form of solitary confinement, which is deprivation of social interaction. And being entirely alone for an extended period of time is highly stressful for most people. Continue reading How to Satisfy Our Need to Belong

What Matters Now: Free Ebook by the Worlds Thought Leaders

Get inspired, download the ebook today
Get inspired, download the ebook today

Once in a while, something ‘remarkable’ happens.

For us, today is one of those days when ‘gratis’ and ‘significance’ collide to make huge waves across multiple industries leaving positive change in their wake.

Seth Godin, the author of the Purple Cow and many other great ideas released a free ebook today containing a compilation of over 70 ideas and inspirations by the world’s thought leaders.

If you’re in need of inspiration to do great things or even if you’re burning with motivation, take some time to download the ebook and give it a quick read. I’m sure you’ll find something that will push you to take the next step.

Download it by clicking here

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Minimalism, 7 Steps to a Simpler Life

Got Minimalist?
Got Minimalist?

Up until recently, I’ve never gave much thought to minimalism and how it could benefit my life.  Although growing up I was raised in a ‘mottainai‘ culture, I never connected its ideals with minimalism.  Stumbling across blogs such as mnmlist, aspects of minimalistic living resonated well with me and I began to implement the simple pieces of minimalism to my work and living space to great success. Continue reading Minimalism, 7 Steps to a Simpler Life

The 7 Extraordinary Benefits of Rising Early

Greet the morning sun
Enjoy the sunrise

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.”
– Benjamin Franklin

* Ring! * ah, !@$&%*(!!!!

I’ve always been terrible at waking up early. As soon as the alarm went off, I would hit the snooze button faster than I could think about hitting the snooze button. I hated waking up early, I felt too tired, too groggy. I had tried many times to become an early riser, only to fail every single time. As I mentioned in my previous posts, because I was a night owl, I always felt best after the sun went down. Being a night owl may not have been such a problem if my work schedule fit my natural sleep patterns, but I was expected to be in the office at 8am which made for an entertaining morning sprint out the door every single day!

Fortunately, I was able to overcome the night owl chronotype by studying and experimenting with various theories and creating an effective method of early rising. After many attempts and many failures, I was able to re-create myself as an early bird. I currently wake up at 5:00 am and since creating the habit, I have personally seen a marked decrease in procrastination and solid improvement in my punctuality. If that’s not enough to convince you to wake up, here are a few more gifts waking up early will award you with.

Continue reading The 7 Extraordinary Benefits of Rising Early

Nick Vujicic: An Inspiration to All

How do you see your problems? Do you see them as obstacles in life that are there to pull you down? Or do you see problems as opportunities for personal growth?

Since the fall of the global economy, the company I’ve been working for has been hit hard and I’ve been inundated with feelings of frustration for my own future. The slumping sales add to the gloom of the company atmosphere as we all look for a light at the end of the tunnel.

We are confronted with a multitude problems every single day and each problem can range from petty to severe. But how we confront these problems is what dictates our future. When a problem knocks you down, do you whimper and stay down? Do you run away? Or do you get back up and overcome those obstacles?

Continue reading Nick Vujicic: An Inspiration to All

A Night Owl Turned Early Bird

Going from a night owl to an early bird has given me the extra time to pursue my hobbies
Going from a night owl to an early bird has given me the extra time to pursue my hobbies

I’ve always envied people who were able to wake up early and get their day started while people were still in their beds sound asleep. On the very few occasions that I had to wake up at the crack of dawn, I would always enjoy the tranquility of the early morning. The sound of birds chirping, the cool crisp air and the beauty of sunrise as it casts light onto the sleeping city. Even though I enjoyed every aspect of early mornings (except for the groggy feeling of being up so early), being a night owl, I was never able to experience the many benefits of early rising.

Every morning was always haste, waking up in panic, cursing at the clock, jumping out of bed, showering up and running out to the car for an anxiety fueled drive to work. No, I was never able to even eat breakfast before rushing to work. To the casual observer, this is obviously an unhealthy living; not only am I jumping out of bed in panic that I had overslept, but having no time for a relaxed breakfast and the anxiety fueled rush to work driving as if I was on the final lap of a F1 race. I was miserable in the mornings and it showed in the office.

Continue reading A Night Owl Turned Early Bird

Wasabi Project: Project Early Bird

I never get to work on time.

I have to wake up earlier.

I tell myself, ‘I can,’ then when the alarm rings, I tell myself “I can’t.”

I have to wake up earlier

I read motivational literature and tell myself “I can wake up early” then I read studies on night owls and tell myself, “Maybe I can’t wake up early.”

I have to wake up earlier.

Photo courtesy of

Waking up early has been an Achilles heel for me ever since I can remember. Throughout school, and into my career, I’ve been held back in life because I have had such a hard time waking up early enough to get to school/work. To some, waking up at 8:00 am, or even 7:00 am isn’t a problem, but for a night owl like me, waking up at 8:00 am is a battle against everything ‘me.’ When the alarm rings, my mind says ‘no,’ then I ask my body if its ready to wake up and I get the answer ‘no way!’

I’ve been asked questions such as, “If it’s so difficult to wake up, why not look for a job that fits your schedule?” In fact, I’ve worked many nights and into the early morning as a photography editor in Hollywood. Although the late work schedule satisfied my biological clock, sleeping during the day while the world is awake, makes it difficult to complete everyday responsibilities, because by the time I’m ready to go, everyone is sleeping! But more than anything, I ‘want’ to become an early riser.

I’ve tried to wake up early many times, all ending in failure. Setting multiple alarm clocks, having friends call me, sleeping in an uncomfortable position, turning on the lights, keeping the lights on while I sleep, blaring the radio with the bass turned way up. Nothing had worked to this point, but I am still determined, determined to become an early riser!

My goal is to consistently wake up at 5:00 am on weekdays within a month.

I will name this project as ‘Project Early Bird’ and chronicle my successes and failures as I work to become an early bird. Welcome, and enjoy the show.

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