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Are YOU Ready to Become a Linchpin?

Are you ready?
Are you ready?

Like most of you, I’ve gone through the public school system and learned English, Math, Social Studies, Science, P.E. and conformity. That in itself wasn’t a bad thing during the industrial age when industry required many workers that demonstrated conformity and careful following of instructions. The work was monotonous, but people were able to earn a comfortable living mass-producing widgets. Thus the educational system was tailored to produce pre-programmed ‘cogs’ ready to follow a set of instructions input by management.

“Sit down, shut up and conform with the rules.”

As is with most large systems burdened by bureaucracy, our educational system has been slow to evolve and has fallen behind in understanding what is currently in demand by society. Unfortunately, the idea of conformity and ‘going with the flow’ has become a de facto rule in making a living for oneself. Parents encourage us to stay in school, graduate and find a stable, well paying job. Peers calculate your success depending on the size your employer. Continue reading Are YOU Ready to Become a Linchpin?

A Proven Way to Boost Brain Performance in 30 Minutes

Cognitive performance can be improved!
Cognitive performance can be improved!

You’ve heard the hype: ‘supplements’ that boost brain performance, games that improve your IQ, toys for toddlers that’ll make them the next Mozart.  Although some companies may claim an extreme brain boost at an extreme price, the verdict is still out on if the products offer a real boost to brain performance apart from the placebo effect. Much to the delight of such product peddlers, the lack of concrete research doesn’t detract the people who are driven to gain any advantage they can in the race to achieve more. Continue reading A Proven Way to Boost Brain Performance in 30 Minutes

How To Work The Room at a Networking Event

Are you networking?
Are you networking?

This is a guest post by Srinivas Rao, a personal development blogger at The Skool of Life where he writes about personal development and spirituality, and ties it all together through his love for surfing. He also runs a surfing blog called Stoked for Life.

One of the things that I’ve done a good amount of over the last 7 months is attend networking events. They always make for an interesting dynamic and are a fascinating study of human behavior and how people connect.  My main piece of advice on how to work the room, is don’t. I know that sounds ridiculous considering the title of the article, but I want to share some of my own thoughts on this.

Keith Ferrazi, in his book Never Eat Alone, describes a personality type called “the networking jerk.” This is a person who is concerned with working the room, collecting cards, meeting as many people as possible, not present at all and always looking for somebody more important to talk to. In other words this person is a COMPLETE DOUCHEBAG.   That’s a bit harsh, but let’s face it. Do you really want this kind of person in your network? This is often the kind of person who is all take and no give.  It’s best to the complete opposite. Continue reading How To Work The Room at a Networking Event

What Matters Now: Free Ebook by the Worlds Thought Leaders

Get inspired, download the ebook today
Get inspired, download the ebook today

Once in a while, something ‘remarkable’ happens.

For us, today is one of those days when ‘gratis’ and ‘significance’ collide to make huge waves across multiple industries leaving positive change in their wake.

Seth Godin, the author of the Purple Cow and many other great ideas released a free ebook today containing a compilation of over 70 ideas and inspirations by the world’s thought leaders.

If you’re in need of inspiration to do great things or even if you’re burning with motivation, take some time to download the ebook and give it a quick read. I’m sure you’ll find something that will push you to take the next step.

Download it by clicking here

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Simplify File Sharing with DropBox

DropBox Logo

Do you work on projects with others that require file sharing? Do you want to share files with all of your friends? Do you have multiple computers you work on? Tired of lugging around your USB drive from computer to computer to move files? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, DropBox may be a great solution that will make your life a lot more simplified and productive.

– Simple easy to use interface
– File sharing across multiple computers and users (File sharing with your friends!)
– Use it to backup files
– Able to access all your files through the DropBox website when you’re away from your computers
– Unobtrusive background file syncing
– Free 2GB of storage

– Not able to share folders outside the DropBox folder
Continue reading Simplify File Sharing with DropBox

How to Increase Your Reading Speed and Retention

Take your reading skills to the next level by implementing simple strategies
Take your reading skills to the next level by implementing simple strategies

Have you ever wanted to increase your reading speed and retention for school or work?  Many professors at the university level tend to assign more reading than is possible to read.  Your workplace may require you to read and digest technical manuals frequently.  Or you may be a high school student trying to develop skills for college.  Whatever your case may be, reading is a crucial skill in the information age where many jobs are fast becoming knowledge work.

The tips I’ll share with you below are especially useful for textbooks that are mainly information gathering and retention-type reading.  The tips below can also be applied to other types of reading that require high retention. Continue reading How to Increase Your Reading Speed and Retention

5 Lessons I Learned From a 300 Million Dollar Man

Are you taking advantage of learning opportunities at your workplace?
Are you taking advantage of learning opportunities at your workplace?

5 Lessons I Learned from a 300 Million Dollar Man

Living in a capitalistic society, I tend to wonder what characteristics contribute to a financially successful person. Although I currently work in a constrictive corporate 9 to 5, there are many opportunities to learn and enrich myself within the confines of my company. Even among the negatives of the corporate world, I’m lucky enough to work in an environment where the president of the company is readily accessible.

Thomas, the president of the company, created the business from scratch 35 years ago with his father and brother. With only $20,000 in capital to start the company, they worked tirelessly out of their small living room. Since then, the business has grown exponentially, raising revenues to $300,000,000 and employing over 600 full time staff.

I used to be a night owl and had a difficult time getting out of bed and getting to work. (If you haven’t read my post ‘night owl turned early bird,’ let’s just say I was consistently late to work) Obviously, the president took notice of my tardiness and so began the “come into my office, for a talk.” Rather than threats or intimidation, however, he began teaching me what he believed lead to his successes in life.

The 5 lessons I learned from the 300 million dollar man:

Continue reading 5 Lessons I Learned From a 300 Million Dollar Man

Hard Work, Sacrifices and Discipline

Hard Work, Sacrifices and Discipline

I was fortunate enough to come across this inspirational video by Zack Arias today and would like to share it with everyone.

It is about a man named Derrick, who in his past had been involved with the wrong crowd, leading him to be convicted of felony. Time changes everything and he is now hitting the ‘pavement’ selling soap door to door to care for the needs of himself and his son. He goes by the motto, “Instead of robbing or stealing or selling dope, selling soap instead of dope, so we all cast some hope,” and he shows us that through hard work, sacrifices and discipline, anyone can improve and pave a better future for themselves.

Derrick’s Message:

  1. Do what you gotta do

  2. Never allow yourself to believe that you’re insignificant without acceptance, the latest clothes or the finest things

  3. Everything takes time

  4. Be patient with yourself and pace yourself

  5. Make small and large goals – By achieving your small goals, you get closer to your large goals

  6. You’ll continually grow and gain confidence and self esteem

  7. Everybody feels depressed at times

  8. Learn to pick the happy thoughts or find things that motivate us

  9. You can’t let your down or depressed self make bad decisions or give up

  10. You’re not living alone

  11. Even if you don’t see it, you’re not just helping yourself, but you’re helping others too

I sincerely hope that you get as much from the video as I did.

How did Derrick inspire you?

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