4 Tips to Combat Sweat During Lunchtime Exercise

Try the 4 tips to minimize odor and sweat stains
Try the 4 tips to minimize odor and sweat stains

Is the thought of getting sweaty keeping you from exercising during lunchtime?
Sweating helps our body cool down to its optimal temperature, but when you want to get some exercise in during work hours or lunchtime, being drenched in sweat and smelling like a pig sty isn’t the best way to get along with your coworkers. Although there is no way to completely keep you from breaking a sweat, there are many things you can do to minimize sweat stains and body odor during work.

Here are 4 simple tips to get you started:

  1. Deodorant – I’m not a big advocate of antiperspirant because clogging your sweat pores isn’t something I prefer. Antiperspirant typically contains aluminum-based compounds, and although there has not been strong scientific evidence of toxicity, everyday use over decades might not be something I want to subject my body to. As an alternative, I’ve found that Crystal (a non-scented natural mineral deodorant) works really well in controlling odors by inhibiting bacteria growth. This deodorant also lasts a LONG time, and it’s saved me a few bucks over the long run.

  2. Wear performance fabrics – There’s nothing wrong with wearing a cotton shirt while exercising, but cotton breathes less, absorbs sweat and becomes heavier. Instead, performance fabrics such as CoolMax® breathe better and wick sweat away from your body to help you dry faster. I recommend wearing sweat wicking performance fabrics as an undershirt/undergarment.

  3. Wet wipes – For those days that we just can’t keep dry, using wet wipes can provide a fresh feeling after a nice jog during lunchtime. There are many options with wet wipes; from baby wipes to the non-scented variety, you can keep wet wipes in your desk for those days you need to freshen up.

  4. Get a Desktop Fan – I find that having a fan at my desk cools me off fast, especially in the hot summer months. This is especially useful for people like me who tend to always be warm. (I apologize to my coworkers… Yes, I’ve been the one that secretly kept lowering the AC temperature.) I was able to find a small room fan for only $10 on sale at a local store and it works great. I just turn on the fan when I need, whenever I need, without bothering others that like the temperature just the way it is.

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9 thoughts on “4 Tips to Combat Sweat During Lunchtime Exercise”

  1. Thanks for these great tips & reminders! Although I do try to take walks during lunch, the thought of returning to work not feeling fresh has kept me from going more often. Keeping wet wipes at my desk is a simple solution that will definitely come in handy.

    I also vouch for the effectiveness of the Crystal deodorant. It’s so easy to use and because it’s natural, I feel better about using it over commercial deodorants.

  2. I find even if I shower after exercise, I just keep sweating. I’ve got to have an air-con on for half an hour to stop me sweating. However, for normal people I think these tips are great and very simple. Thanks!

  3. @Lacey: I’m glad you like the Crystal deodorant, it’s been working really well for me.

    @Gordie: Yea, I also tend to sweat a lot during work. I found that having a fan directly blowing on me works like a charm.

  4. Definitely some good things to remember here. I try to run everyday at lunch, and man when it is hot out, it gets hard to stop sweating! Thanks for the thoughts!

  5. From one nine-to-fiver to another: these are awesome tips!! This is a great post really outside of the box AND useful.

    Thanks so much for sharing the helpful hints. 🙂


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