3 Guidelines for the Office Party

What Kind of Office Costume Do You Have in Mind?
What Kind of Office Costume Do You Have in Mind?

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The office party might be the biggest double edged blade in American corporate culture. Even though reports from Careerbuilder.com indicate that employees who partake in happy hour are more likely to advance, mixing with co-workers during a happy hour offers the potential for disaster. Add in the pressure of coming up with a clever costume or outfit, and the anxiety of attending the office party can become outright frightful. But cheer up party-goers, the minefield of the office party can be cleared with some preparation.

Know your Limits, Don’t Test Them
Knowing one’s alcohol tolerance should be the first step prior to stepping up to the bar, but even experienced drinkers should remember that the office party is not the same as a weekend with friends. The ability to chug a pitcher faster than the starting left tackle might have been social gold in college, but the ability might raise questions about maturity in the eyes of your superiors. Just because the office paid for an open bar does not mean that the goal of the party should be to drain it of every drop. Indulge and mingle without forgetting that you’ll have to face these same co-workers again when the party stops.

Smart and Chic Costumes
What if the party goes beyond open bar and business casual attire? Halloween has become the second biggest commercial holiday, generating about $5 billion for American retailers. Halloween might be more popular than ever, but that can make finding a unique and appropriate costume difficult. Some of the trendiest costumes are of celebrity figures enjoying their time at the top of gossip magazines. For those wanting to express their Bieber fever or display their Bad Romance with Lady Gaga, costumes can display knowledge of current affairs and the willingness to wear a daring outfit. An office party offers employees the opportunity to show off creativity and ability, but taking a costume too far can backfire on overzealous party-goers.

Assess the culture of the office before throwing down on a costume. Some offices might embrace a Gaga inspired meat dress, while more conservative offices might balk at an overindulgent costume.

Avoid Stress as Priority Number One

While office parties offer access to your employers that a regular day at the office might not afford, do not view a company get together only as a chance to climb the corporate ladder. Enjoy the party and try not to fret. Pushing a job agenda at a party might backfire and cause damage to a work reputation. Office parties provide an opportunity to relax and mingle with your co-workers in a non-work environment — something that might only occur once a year.

Rather than venture outside of personal comfort zones, employees should take a balanced approach to office parties. The gatherings offer a chance for employees to see co-workers and superiors in a laid back setting. This alone should set them at ease and show that even with a corner office or expensive car, executives act like everyone else once the party starts.

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