2 Ways to Improve Focus and Productivity

pure focus and productivity
pure focus and productivity

In the realm of freelancers and entrepreneurs, your productivity is a key element that separates you from success and failure. Yet, to most, our productivity is a big sticking point that keeps us from creating and producing the work we desire. Fortunately, learning and applying productivity boosting techniques will increase your output, leading to more income and more time for all areas of your life. By increasing your productivity, you’ll be able to produce higher quality work in less time and have more time for yourself, giving you the time to do what you truly want.

Understanding How Focus Affects Productivity

To improve our productivity, we first need to understand how focus is a major determinate in improving our productivity. By taking our focus and amplifying its quantity and quality, we are able to drastically boost our productivity beyond what we currently have. Focus comes in two forms: quantity and quality.

Focus Quantity: Focus quantity is easily measured by asking yourself “how long can you focus on a single task for?” By answering this question, you’ll be able to get a baseline on your focus quantity.  For example, if you were working on a project with multiple tasks, are you able to work on each task till the task is complete? Do you tend to jump around from task to task or get distracted by email or social media apps? How long can you focus on a single task for?

Focus Quality: Focus quality is measured by what you focus on. Are you focusing on high leverage work, or do you tend to be overwhelmed by minor tasks that do not make a huge impact to your work or business?

Expanding Your Focus

Luckily, just like being able to practice a musical instrument to improve performance and enjoyment, we are able to practice focus to improve both quantity, quality and work output. Here are steps you’ll need to take to boost your productivity to the next level.

Practicing focus quantity: Figure out your starting focus quantity by asking yourself “how long can I focus on a single task?” Once you answer this question, add 10 minutes to your focus starting point and set a countdown timer and work on a task until you complete it, or until the timer runs out. After a week of practicing at this focus quantity, add another 10 minutes till you can comfortably focus on one task for 2 hours. (A good online timer can be found at http://e.ggtimer.com)

Practicing focus quality: To improve your focus quality, start by looking at the tasks you currently need to tackle. Look over your list and prioritize them in the order of importance. Depending on how many small tasks you have, you may want to first complete and clear those off the list in order to clear your mind. The key to practicing quality focus is to know which tasks will provide the most bang for the buck in the future instead of immediate gratification.

By taking time to practice these powerful focus boosting techniques, you’ll be able to improve your productivity and reap the benefits of producing higher quality work in less time. Take time to grasp where your current focus quantity and quality levels are, then analyze them. Once you find out your where you currently stand, take action and begin practicing to expand your focus. The results will be astounding, resulting in more income and more fulfillment from life.

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    1. John, thanks for your comment.
      You’re right 2hours is a very long time to concentrate on one thing. I should mention that my concentration starts low and increases till I hit the 20 min mark. Once there, I usually peak for another 30 minutes or so, at which I take roughly a 10 min mark then go for round 2.
      I have to admit that I can’t pull this off just anywhere. My optimal working environment is a quiet library with noise canceling headphones. 🙂

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