10 Tips to Get More Out of Google in Less Time

Use the 10 tips to make you a better Googler!
Use the 10 tips to make you a better Googler!

We know that Google holds the majority market share for search results on the Internet, and with 76.7 billion searches last year, Google gets asked a lot of questions.  But to get the best answers, we have to know how to ask the right questions.  I put together 10 simple tips below to help you get more out of Google and in less time:

  1. Track Packages – Do you have a package headed your way?  Just copy and paste your tracking number into Google to track your package.  This search feature works for USPS, UPS and FedEx.
  2. Area Codes – Do you get that annoying phone call from telemarketers and better yet, an automated dialer with an area code you don’t recognize?  You can track the geographic location of the phone number by searching the area code of the caller.  This won’t stop them from calling, but you can also look up the full phone number with Google and see if the caller has been harassing others too.
  3. Movie Times – Want to plan out a movie night?  Just type “movies [zip code]” to see all the showtimes for nearby theaters.  You can also search “Title of current move [zip code]” to bring up specific showtimes of the movie you want to watch.google-movies
  4. Local Search – Are you looking for a store or restaurant nearby?  Just search for what “[you’re looking for] [zip code]”.google-local
  5. Dictionary – What does logophobia mean? Try searching for it by entering “define logophobia” for definitions.  By searching for a definition of a word using “define [word]”, Google will come up with many results with links to the leading dictionary websites.google-define
  6. Weather – Is it going to be warm today?  You can bring up the weather by searching for “weather [zip code]”.  Are you traveling and want to know the weather of a particular city, but don’t have the zip code?  No problem, you can still bring up the weather by searching “weather [city]”google-weather
  7. Stock Quotes – Love the daily gut wrenching ups and downs of wall street?  Just search for your ticker symbol to bring up the latest quotes.google-ticker
  8. Time – PST? CDT? EDT? What time is it in Chicago? What time is it in Tasmania, Australia?  Search for “time [city]” to get your answer.google-time
  9. Sports Scores – OK, you got to get the latest score or need to look up the schedule; search for “team name” to get up to date info.
  10. Map – Going out of town and looking for a map?  Search for “map [city]” to bring up a map of your destination.google-map
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12 thoughts on “10 Tips to Get More Out of Google in Less Time”

  1. @Gordie: Thanks for the bookmark! There’s a lot of interesting tricks that Google has and I’m glad to share it with you.

  2. My favorite use for Google is conversion. You can convert currencies, measurements and probably a ton of other stuff.

    Just type in something like: 100 USD in AUD and you’ll find out how much $100 USD is in Australian dollars. Or you could type 10 pounds in kg to find out what the equivalent of 10 pounds is in kilograms. Very useful stuff.

  3. @David: Thanks for the tips. I frequently need to convert between kg and lbs, so that’s going to come in really handy.

  4. Yeah… That’s cool, typing one word or even ten word google takes about the same time to process, less than 0.2 seconds, awesome…
    waiting for your other tips, thanks…

  5. The track packages tip is especially useful for me, so that I don’t waste time going to each carrier’s website. Thanks for sharing!

  6. @Becca: The tracking function is useful. I’ve been shipping a lot of catalogs with my current company and the tracking function has been a time saver!

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